Our web guides contains statements representing our honest belief that the facts and opinions as shown are correct. Every reasonable effort has been made in our literature to describe as fully and as honestly as possible the holiday arrangements offered and every reasonable effort will be made to supply what has been described. Descriptions given are based on investigations made by our staff and are believed to be accurate. However, changes may occur after publication of our brochures and guides, which are beyond our control. Whenever we become aware of any material changes, we will of course inform you.

The itineraries given in our programme are statements of intent rather than promises. Local weather, politics, force majeure or other uncontrollable factors can mean a change in the itinerary or means of transport. Though it is very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered, if changes are necessary, the guide will consult you to find an alternative. Where a delay does occur, we will do everything possible to minimize its effect, but we cannot be responsible for the results of delays or changes, however caused

Changes in price

Prices are based on costs, charges, tariffs, rates, prices, taxes and levies, exchange rates, airport charges, hotel rates and other service providers tariffs. In the event that such fluctuations affect the prices which we pay for such services, we reserve the right to adjust our rates accordingly at any time.

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